Beginners’ guide to buying lipstick

Most ladies are very particular about how they wear their makeup. Not to mention the fact that every part of the face must be all made up including the lips. Every woman has her own reasons why she wears makeup. Others do so to attract potential suitors; others do it for the sake of looking professional. Lastly, others put on makeup to feel good about themselves. Each lady has that area where she spends too much of her time when making herself up. Our point of focus is the lips and what to look at when purchasing nice lipstick.

Must be easy to spread

It can be such an embarrassing site during office break when you sweat trying to retouch your lipstick. This is not the quality of a good lipstick. You should have an easy time when spreading it across your lips.
This is not to say that you should wait for your lips to dry and crack. At the moment you realize that it is slowly wearing off, you should be prepared with one in your bag. This quality also helps when you are a career woman who always has to be time conscious.

Should be kiss proof

2When purchasing a lipstick that tickles your fancy, be sure to read the features. One of them is that it should not leave any visible stains during a kissing or pecking escapade.
It can be so annoying to have to clean up your mess when you accidentally leave a stain. Lipstick of this quality is not so hard to locate. You just have to be keen when it comes to shopping for cosmetics.


This is a feature that can’t go unmentioned. When budgeting for your cosmetics, nothing should stand in its way. Stick to what you had planned before as you continue to make arrangements for the expensive one.
Who said that expensive lipsticks are always the ones that spell quality? The truth of the matter is that you can get a lipstick of your choice at the most affordable prices.

Tips when buying lipsticks for the first time

3As the undeniable fact goes, ‘there is always a first time for everything.’ If it is your first time to purchase and use lipstick, no worries. These tips will help so you won’t get stuck;
1. Do your research first. It would be unsafe to venture into something without first getting your facts right. When buying lipstick, this tip also applies. At least you will know what to settle for.
2. Let your budget guide you. Lipstick comes in a variety of products for you to choose from. Don’t get carried away by all the fancy colors you see. Just pick the color you love and is within your budget.
3. Ask for the attendant’s opinion. There comes a time when you are torn and don’t know what to settle for. Don’t suffer in silence, that is why the attendants are there. They are trained for instances such as these, to help out. You must also be willing to look at both sides of the coin to avoid further confusion.