Buying a Pistol: Things to Consider

Handguns like the taurus g2c are pretty gruesome. Those types of firearms have one purpose: to stop or kill creatures. Specific disagreements about caliber are irrelevant to the post above. A bullet fired from a common standard pistol cartridge doesn’t contain enough kinetic energy to be confident enough that it can instantly stop or kill a creature of sufficient size. Guns are a bit limited compared to other defensive firearms. However, if we want to equip ourselves for private protection and to practice our faith, we should carry guns. 

There are a few alternatives to create: quality, size, capacity, feel, and concealability will be the most critical, but there is also the accessibility and price of magazines and components to consider. This act is by no means a comprehensive overview, the few examples of manufacturers and ammunition should not be taken as a recommendation of any particular product; they are just examples.

Caliber and Ammo


Don’t be fooled by gunsmiths and converters; caliber matters, but only to a point. Handguns are distant ice picks. They can be used to poke holes in things in a place, that’s all. Larger calibers generally mean slightly wider pockets. Once you reach that threshold, the rest of the calibers are a personal choice based on circumstances. One cartridge of choice for some shooters is the legendary 10mm. Another factor is the shape of the ammunition to be used.

Size and Dimensions

A larger gun usually has more room to accommodate additional ammunition. Besides, the