Buying a Pistol: Things to Consider

Handguns like the taurus g2c are pretty gruesome. Those types of firearms have one purpose: to stop or kill creatures. Specific disagreements about caliber are irrelevant to the post above. A bullet fired from a common standard pistol cartridge doesn’t contain enough kinetic energy to be confident enough that it can instantly stop or kill a creature of sufficient size. Guns are a bit limited compared to other defensive firearms. However, if we want to equip ourselves for private protection and to practice our faith, we should carry guns. 

There are a few alternatives to create: quality, size, capacity, feel, and concealability will be the most critical, but there is also the accessibility and price of magazines and components to consider. This act is by no means a comprehensive overview, the few examples of manufacturers and ammunition should not be taken as a recommendation of any particular product; they are just examples.

Caliber and Ammo


Don’t be fooled by gunsmiths and converters; caliber matters, but only to a point. Handguns are distant ice picks. They can be used to poke holes in things in a place, that’s all. Larger calibers generally mean slightly wider pockets. Once you reach that threshold, the rest of the calibers are a personal choice based on circumstances. One cartridge of choice for some shooters is the legendary 10mm. Another factor is the shape of the ammunition to be used.

Size and Dimensions

A larger gun usually has more room to accommodate additional ammunition. Besides, the grade alternative determines capacity. Considering that all pistol bullets are tested to the same measure of penetrating power and that most of us know they only make holes, more holes are more effective at causing a bleed than slightly larger holes. As a general rule, you will be faster and more accurate with a more compact stage than with a bigger landmark. Your choice of size will be determined by your taste and how you intend to shoot with it. I’ve seen everything from boot and brace guns to shoulder holsters. 

Sensation and Comfort

The grip angle converts some shooters to the Browning Hi-Power, and even the same specific go for Glock versions. The gun should feel good, not too big and not too small. It should work well, feel good and grow with your arm. Feel free to go to a gun store and try to feel each version before you buy anything. You need to feel good about your purchase, even if you have doubts, don’t buy it.

Parts and Accessories

pistolI prefer synthetic frame guns with more extensive capacity magazines over many steel frame guns. I have large hands, so I like large grips. These are the types of questions you should answer during your time at the gun store. If you are 100% confident that the gun you have in your hands is the right one, then you will feel good about your purchase and enjoy many years of training, and if the worst-case happens, you will have a gun that feels like an extension of your will.

It would be best to ensure sure your favorite gun has parts you can buy and doesn’t require weeks of repairs from the gunsmith. Magazines can be plentiful and affordable, or rare and incredibly expensive, depending on the gun you own. Tools that help you disassemble and wash your gun will likely make your life easier, and proper carrying cases are the ideal way to move your gun in and out of the field.

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